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StoneBathwear is a young company that has developed around the construction of high quality, readyto- use, turnkey bathrooms. The company is the ideal partner for builders and contractors around the world because it is able to provide, in a single product, the solution to all the problems that normally arise in the creation of bathrooms in the construction of high-level complex buildings: hotels, offices, apartments and large buildings in general.

What we do

A StoneBathwear bathroom is a new construction concept that becomes a real object. It is a pre-assembled bathroom, which can be manufactured in series and at the same time can be personalised according to specific requirements of designers and architects; this offers great advantages in the installation phase. The bathroom is delivered ready to use, with luxury finishes according to design specifications, and only requires the connection to the utilities already present in the building, without the need for any further operations.


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Achilles Stamp Membership BCA


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