The pods are transported from Italy with flat bed trucks and artic special trucks. The weight of the pods is from 1000-2100 kg. Once delivered on site the unloading area must be cleared to allow the offloading operations to take place in a safe manner without endangering miscellaneous personnel not directly involved in the lifting/moving operations.All Service penetrations are covered and no pod is to be traversed over the void protection. The setting out and pod locations ff the pods is marked out be using a template supplied by Stone Bathwear.

A class 2M laser level with calibration certificate is used to set the correct amount of steel packers in each location. The shim amounts and acoustic barriers locations are marked on the floor adjacent to the locations. The movement of the pods is done with the skates which are positioned in locations so as to sustain a stable load between the base of the equipment and the floor. Hydraulic toe jacks is utilised to raise or lower the items of equipment.

They shall be positioned so that the foot of the jack is flat and on a level surface. The toe of the jack shall be inserted so it is fully onto the item to be lifted. Where more than one jack is used then is needed to be operated in tandem so that the weight is distributed evenly. When the jacks are in use at no point put any limbs under the load.


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