StoneBathwear experience

The advantages resulting from installation of a prefabricated
bathroom pods are guaranteed by a business organization that has
evolved over time, creating the necessary know how to handle any
unexpected . The StoneBathwear brand is all of this, a single
partner that can handle experienced unplanned production activity
to thousands of Kilometers from the place of final installation,
from Italy to England and the rest of the world.

Stone Bathwear Srl was conceived in 2012, thanks to Mirco Boldrini’s idea,following his entrepreneurial experience in Qatar and Oman, where he had produced more than 10.000 prefabricated bathrooms. Stone Bathwear aimed from the very beginning at targeting high-end customers, and its “mission” is to satisfy the specific project requirements of the architecture firms in the construction of the prefabricated bathrooms. “Prefabricated”, and therefore not meant as a standard module, but rather as a “bespoke suit” designed for each customer.

In 2013, the main effort was concentrated on the choice of highly reliable “partners”, as well as in the search for the most efficient and effective materials, the most qualified suppliers and, above all, a company staff worthy of the tasks they would be faced with. A production unit was opened in Montichiari (BS) on a covered area of about 5.000 square meters.


From February 2016, Stone Bathwear has been carrying outs its business into a new purpose built factory consisting with a covered area of 10.000 square meters in Solferino (MN). Experience is for Stone Bathwear the most important thing, and all that has been done before must serve as a lesson and as a warning for what shall be done in the future. As William Shakespeare loved to say, “Experience is a jewel, and it had need to be so, for it is often purchased at an infinite rate.



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