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The advantages of a Stone Bathwear ultra luxury prefabricated bathroom pods are guaranteed by an organization which has evolved over time, possessing the necessary knowhow to handle all associated technical challenges when dealing with high-end developments. The Stone Bathwear brand is not just a supplier, we are 100% committed to our clients and consider ourselves a bonified partner. All aspects from start to finish are meticulously managed by a supply partner possessing the knowledge and invaluable experience to coordinate all aspects of the project; from design development, procurement, production planning to our well organized Just in Time delivery to the construction site location. Whether the project is based out of England or an intercontinental destination across the globe, Stone Bathwear knows the importance of timely logistics when having to adhere to the construction site’s planning schedule.

Stone Bathwear is a young dynamic company founded in 2012, thanks to Mirco Boldrini, founder, CEO and visionary following his entrepreneurial experience in Qatar and Oman, where he produced more than 10.000 prefabricated bathroom pods. Stone Bathwear’s objective from the very beginning has always been high-end development projects in the ultra-luxury development market. The “mission”, to satisfy all project requirements by creating the industry’s only true ultra-luxury turnkey prefabricated bathroom pod. Stone Bathwear aspires to be unique by creating high profile, ultra-luxury bespoke bathrooms, designed according to each individual customer’s requirement.

In 2013 Stone Bathwear opened a 5000 square meter production facility in the town of Montichiari, Italy intent on engaging with highly reliable “client partners”, scouting for the highest quality stones and developing important relations with the industry’s most affirmed luxury brand suppliers.

In February of 2016, Stone Bathwear expanded its business by opening another brand-new 10,000 square meter factory in Solferino, Italy to further their production of ultra-luxury prefabrication bathroom pods.

Once again, in 2018 Stone Bathwear consensus awarded them yet another opportunity to open a modern production facility approximately 15,000 total square meters in the town of Castiglione delle Stiviere, Italy which is also the location of their corporate headquarters.

Thanks to our team of highly motivated and qualified personnel our client partners have awarded us their trust on some of UK’s most prestigious developments. Experience, competence, honesty and passion represent the fundamental attributes of our success. All the lessons learned along the way have served as valuable experience looking toward to the future. As William Shakespeare loved to say, “Experience is a jewel, and it had need to be so, for it is often purchased at an infinite rate.


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