All the StoneBathwear bathroom pods are secure for 10 years from the date of installation at the site. Our guarantee is provided on-site by specialized staff directly in order to ensure the highest level of service and professionalism. StoneBathwear is a quality choice at all levels from design to implementation up to the entire life of your bathroom pod.

Stone Bathwear is able to issue a guarantee for its product starting from the attention paid during the design phase and the related preparation of the prototype to show to the customer; nothing is left to chance and, above all, nothing is underestimated. The bathroom is a complex element, complete with all the installations present in a building: the structure, the M&E Systems, the meticulous installations of floor coverings and external cladding, the careful installation of all the accessories up to the final cleaning and the protection of the installed elements.

For all these reasons, Stone Bathwear’s constructive process provides a 28 stage quality control system, with photographic and written “reports”, and everything relating to the application of the concepts of tracking and traceability of the products, and suppliers. The support given by advanced IT tools helps the job of all the operators and the constant interaction with the customer: a continuous information exchange which is in itself a guarantee of high level of accountability.


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