Made in Italy

Made in Italy

The bathroom are places that are distant roots in the
Italian tradition. They have always been in the center of the house
since the time of the Romans who made their ” bathrooms ” an
important resting place and the kitchen a point of reference for
the family. Over the years the culture of these places combined
with the best raw materials occurring in the territory have led to
large numbers of artisans and producers of the best marble and
complements all jealously Made In Italy. StoneBathwear uses only
the most experienced craftsmen and the best products to ensure
quality and design.


Stone Bathwear’s success, besides the professionalism showed during these years of activity, is due also to “Made in Italy”, which represents a quality index acknowledged all over the world. Just as Italian tailoring managed to assert itself at international level, the flexibility and the personalisation of our products met a great “appeal” in the international real estate and architectural world. Stone Bathwear, during the phases preceding the presentation of the offers, pays much attention to the customers’ requirements and, thanks to the acquired experience, often suggests highly performing solutions.

Stone Bathwear’s team of professionals interacts right from the start with the designers chosen by the customer in order to create a common denominator with concordant purposes. The quality of most of the products we use and the companies cooperating with Stone Bathwear represent the excellence in their respective fields and the prestige of “Made in Italy” in the realisation of the prefabricated bathrooms.


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