New Customer Portal

Our new customer portal has been completely renovated and integrated to our enterprise management system, allowing our partners to check in real time all phases of their project as well as share invaluable information on the quality control procedures implemented. We don’t just offer a premium quality product but an associated service support program providing total transparency and accountability.  

Here’s a small preview of our quality system integrated with the new customer portal, showing for each its production status. All the different production phases (F01-F02- etc.) applied to each specific pod are rigorously controlled by multiple production workers. 

Production Phases

To mantain such an high controlled production status, we have provided a smartphone device (containing a customized software application) to all company workers, in keeping the production situation updated on an hourly basis.

If you wish to take a look at the customer portal, please click on the link below:

Customer Portal Demo
username: demo
password: demo

If you wish to acquire more informations about this system, please contact us using the form below:

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