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Stone Bathwear is a top tier European manufacturer of prefabricated bathroom pods. In just over a decade, our young dynamic organization has become synonymous as the industry’s Ultra-Luxury Pod dedicated to high-design and complex developments. From 5+ star hotels to the most exclusive residential projects where natural stone slabs are brought in and cut to specification assuring a uniform finish and symmetrical design layout that only a company with Stone Bathwear’s experience can offer.

With a total combined production area of 17,000 square meters consisting of a fully automated manufacturing facility, Stone Bathwear provides guarantied precision, premium quality and an undeniable Made in Italy artisan craftmanship making each pod a work of art able to stand the test of time.

Stone Bathwear is the ideal supply partner for developers, investors and general contractors and is the only true luxury prefabricated pod manufacturer to supply a fully optimized, completely cladded and stacked bathroom pod solution. Stone Bathwear does not pose limitations to the client architect’s realizations but rather solutions to all problematics which normally arise in complex high-level developments.

From five plus star hotels to the most prestige residential developments, Stone Bathwear takes pride in the repeated business our valued client partners have awarded us.

Thanks to our transparent open book tender policy, advanced 4.0 integrated business technology systems, aftermarket support program and a team of expert professionals, please take the time in getting to know our organization better.


What we do

A Stone Bathwear luxury prefabricated bathroom pod can be manufactured in series or according to each individual typology the project requires. Whether the project consist of only one prefabricated bathroom typology or in excess of one hundred, Stone Bathwear is the only prefabricated manufacturer in the world equipped and specialized to manage such demand.

Our organization has the ability to customize exactly according to the project requirements, offering a multitude of substantial advantages during the project supply and installation phase. Furthermore, a Stone Bathwear luxury prefabricated bathroom pod is delivered complete, turnkey and compliant to the architect’s design specification. All that’s required is connection to the building’s main utilities.


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