Before the shipping & logistic phase can begin, Stone Bathwear, together with the client, formulate a chronological sequential pod delivery schedule. Only full trailer loads are calculated in optimizing on shipping cost. The site delivery plan takes into account the number and typology of pods per day/week, chronological delivery sequence and duration period of the complete delivery to site location.

The pods are transported from Italy either by flatbed trailers, special artic transport trucks or 40 foot high-cube containers depending on the destination. The weight of a Stone Bathwear pod may vary from 1000 to 5000/kilos.

Upon delivery to site location a designated offloading area must be cleared to allow a safe and efficient operation without endangering personnel. It is understood prefabricated bathroom pods are not load baring elements and as such are not to be walked on top of.

Construction sites utilizing the overhead crane must employ lift hook chains at least 8-9 meters in length and associated anti-lateral lifting stress template, conversely if a forklift offload is employed the client must utilize extra-long forks. In both scenarios, the client must consult with Stone Bathwear to assure that either the underlying lift straps or forklift are placed in the designated location guarantying a well-balanced weight distribution when offloading.

Stone Bathwear is always present for the first delivery and installation of pods with our designated site manager. The role is to guild, consult and indoctrinate the client’s construction site workers on the proper procedures, protocols and safety measure when pods are being moved on site. A clear and an easy-to-follow operative manual is provided to assure smooth transitioning of the pods to their final designated location.


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