Made in Italy

Made in Italy

The bathroom is deeply rooted in ancient Italian history. It has always represented the center of the household since the time of the Roman Empire, the first civilization to actually have hot & cold running water in their bathroom and kitchen, considered an important resting area and a point of reference for the family.

Over recent years, the culture of these household areas has evolved with the implementation of natural high grade Italian stones giving way to a large number of artisans and producers implementing prestigious marble, granite and other radiant natural stones.  Our tradition and culture define who we are and is the reason why we proudly defend our “Made in Italy” mark of excellence. 

Stone Bathwear in that regard, selects only the most experienced craftsmen and finest grade marbles available to assure premium quality, affluential design and visual impact like no other.

Undeniable passion, professionalism and knowhow, Stone Bathwear takes great pride in being considered a leader in high profile development projects. Just as the Italian fashion industry managed to acquire global recognition and notoriety through flexibility, creativity and personalization, we too have also embraced these attributes and take pride in the relationships we have instilled with some of the most prestigious international real-estate developers and architectural firms.

Prior to the phase of presenting our tender to the client, Stone Bathwear pays careful attention to the customers’ stringent design and technical requirements offering the right design consultation and the most performing technical solutions.

Stone Bathwear’s team of professionals interacts from the very beginning with the client’s design team. The unparallel quality of our prefabricated pod creations can in large part be attributed to the design creativity of our client partners who represent the gold standard of excellence in their respective fields. The mystique and prestige of our “Made in Italy” ultra-luxury prefabricated bathroom pods takes on a whole new appeal when intertwined with the brilliance of our international partners.


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